27 March 2008

Mulberry Handbag

Club's Members Chatroom

Hi Members,

This is the Club's Chatroom for members to share their story on anything! Come in and start Chatting!

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Club's Calender

Hi Members,

This is the Club's Calenders of events, for example upcoming Special Sales, Club's Deadline Orders, Club's Ordering Period and any Club's activities for members.

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Club's Forum Page

Hi Members, if you have anything that need others member to suggest or discuss can use the Club's Forum for all your topic. This is the Link

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Please keep your post decent and polite. Thanks!

An Amazing Experience Like No Other!

26 March 2008

Club's Terms and Conditions

Before you decide to purchase or send me an email, please READ the terms and conditions BELOW. TQ!

Terms & Conditions :-1) All of our items are replica or imitation. We do not sell authentic items here.
2) All our items are of excellent QUALITY and are 7 Stars quality. Price varies according to the quality & design. However, for any members wanted to order "Others" quality items are also welcome. Just email me the photo and I will try to help all my members.
3) All bag comes with Authentic Care Card & Dust Bag.
4) Members have to pay in full for booking, (non-returnable).
5) Application of Membership is only available to Malaysian Citizens.
6) All application must be attached with your payment of RM24.00, photocopy of I/C, Name, Address and Telephone contact. (either by post or email)
7) The Club would at its sole discretion and final decision approve or reject any application submitted.
8) The Club reserve to amend the terms and condition as the Club deem fit and necessary.
9) All current active members are advice to check the Club's terms and conditions from time to time.
10) The Club will not be responsible for any Bank Charges, commission, outstation cheque deposit charges or thru over-counter deposit charges being payment made for membership fees and payment for booking items into our Maybank Account. Please calculate the charges or check with your Bank before you bank-in the amount.
10) Membership fees are non-refundable or transferable in any event.
11) Members are to protect the Club's interest relating to price list distributions by the Club. This is to protect the others Club's members privileges.
12) Any members found to breach this privileges by sharing price list to non-members in a ways of sabotaging the Club's Members privileges, their membership will be terminated with immediate effect. Please be reminded this is not an Open Online Club.
13) The Club only serves the it's Active Paying Members.
14) Colours in the photos showed sometimes may be different from the real one due to the factor of shooting.

P/S: If you intend to purchase any item with specified design, pre-order service is provided.

Shipping Terms
* We ship to West / East Malaysia. Not available to other locations at the moment.

* The Club will not be responsible for Courier handling. All sales are final and not returnable.
Payment Terms
* Payment can be made to my Maybank Account.
* Choose your bags from this website.
* Email me to confirm the Bag Model, Name & Payment You Made.
* Once decision is made & payment is banked in, no changes is allowed to the style bag once we submitted the Pre-Orders to our supplier. In between ordering period and closing date period order style can still be change. Members, please just dont keep on changing what you choose. Hope members can co-operate on this.
* Each batch comes with 5 or 6 orders, when the orders is enough, we will submit the PRE ORDER List to our supplier. IF our supplier has price reduction on the items our members ordered, We will honour all members by giving them the refund for the differences of price. We will always give all Members the BEST & LOWEST price they can get WITHOUT comprising on the Quality. However, for Season Special Clearance Sales, only members with at least 1 year membership are offered this. We can assure all members Benefits & Privileges are protected.
* Delivery Time is around 2-3 weeks after the Club's Orders Closing Date. All Members can check the Club's Calender page or email me to get the latest Club's Orders Closing Date.
* To anyone NOT the Club's member please dont email me for price list. All we can check for you is whether we carry such items you might want. All prices are strictly by email & made available to members ONLY.
Club's Update!
Due to volume of members asking pricing for bags/wallet/purse, the club as decided to terminate members over 6 months of membership with non-purchase status. If any member still want their membership active, they have to top-up their membership status with RM12. Non-purchase members over 6 months would be inform by email of their non-purchase status. Non-puchase members enquiry for pricing would not be entertainment until you top-up the RM12 to reactivate your membership.